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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sneetch Teachas

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!  Hope you laugh a little at today's post. 

Round of the belly all sneetch teachas are.  They all look the same when viewed from a far.  They may dress in clothes that are different, that's true.  But I know and you know they're sneetches too.

All sneetch teachas begin with an ed-u-ca-tion.  All sneetch teachas start out with a vim and a vum!

They enter new schools excited and happy.  (To veteran sneetch teachas they're just a bit sappy.)

New  sneetch teachas come early!  Leave late, oh it's true!  They work really hard.  They're quite a crew!

They attend meetings!  Listen to others!  They take their ideas and share and debate!  They laugh and they chortle; exclaim, "Sneetch, that's great!" 

They widen their eyes, slap sneetchie backs!  They exclaim "Good job,  my fine Sneetch. I like it like that!"

From behind granny glasses, vet'ran sneetch teachas shake heads.  They've worked hard for years and now've innerly said, "Oh new sneetch teachas it's coming, it's coming, you'll see. Our Grinch is plotting and planning his plots and his plans against you and me. Our grinch prince, our school leader, knows about you.  He knows you are fun and happy too.He doesn't like that about you.  

He knows you are fun, smile much,  widen eyes.  He's planning already for their demise.  He's plotting to see if you'll follow his rules.  He's got quite a test so get ready sneetch fools. Stop now if you want to survive this sneetch race.  Give it a year and you'll find that your place....is practicing "yes-es" and never a "no." Say to our leader, "Wherever you want!  That's where I'll go!  You're amazing, so bright, I'm so glad to be here!  These sneetchie tears?  Why they're nothing to  fear.  I will be quiet.  I've got your Grinch back.  I see, now I see that's the way to survive.  And, dear supreme leader, I will stay alive.

Vet'ran sneetch teachers then look at each other,o' er their glasses.  One whispers, "There's one sneetch here you'll want to know.  That sneetch is a favorite you'll find right away.  She laughs and she dances.  She has her way.  You'll want to be friends with her or you will not stay. She'll take you out with her whispered lies.  She'll take you out with something like this...."I don't like the new Sneetch in room 126.  That sneetch hurt my feelings, she actually said. "let's try something different....I want her career dead."

There is another Sneetch teacha, she left, said, "no more."  She's rounder of belly than she was before.  But her heart it has grown this past year or two.  And she, my sneetch teacha, is there for you.  She's been there and done that!  Been coerced by our Grinch.  She's stronger than ever and in a pinch, will help you, support you, but it's not a cinch.  It's hard!  It's crazy!  Feels loco: absurd!  But the round bellied Sneetch, she's a tough old bird!  She said "not me, when the Grinch came a'callin.  He wanted some Sneetch to do all the fallin.'  He wanted a Sneetch to take all the blame for his lies and his mess and his stupid Grinch game.

The Sneetch didn't you see.  She said you're a Grinch and I'll have none of that! I'll report your Grinch lies to the Grinch higher than highs! I'll help all the others when they report too.  We'll see the end of Grinches like you!

And the Sneetch teachas all gathered round and they listened. 

There're too many Grinches it seems in schools 'round our nation.  Too many Sneetches need a vacation.  They'll have a break,they will, these Sneetch teachas.  They must have a break from their slimy Grinch creatures.  
They're getting together the birds round of belly. They're getting together and starting to rally.


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