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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Whos Down In School-ville
Dedicated to the fallen kindergarten teacher of 2008.  Yours may be the voice--when joined with the rest of the Whos-- the kangaroo finally hears.
 The Whos down in School-ville love teaching a lot.  The Whos down in School-ville, conniving, are not.
 The Whos go to work each day at their schools.  They go with enthusiasm.  They follow the rules.  
 They enter their classrooms, they decorate boards. They greet all the children who enter in hoards.
 They teach and they teach; they barely eat lunch. ‘Round three o’clock a salad they’ll munch.
 They go home each night, happy and tired.  They grade papers ‘till bedtime; that’s why they were hired.  
 They’re good people all-no matter their size. They’re nice and they’re fun.  They never tell lies.
 Their age, their appearance, they matter not.  What’s important is the drive that these Whos’ve  got.
 But the Whos down in School-ville are feeling like fools.  They’re sad and they’re mad and they’re crying bool-hools!
 They’re crying because they’ve begun to awaken to something so awful, they’re really quite shaken. 
 The Who leaders are lying!  They’re covering up!  
 They’re filling out documents with Who teacher names.  They’re keeping them secret; no Who plays the game. 
 The Who teachers are troubled!  They’re up to their necks, in lies and falsehoods at children's expense!
 And the downtown grinches pay no attention at all.  The grinches don’t care if Who teachers fall.
 They’re in charge!  They’re the bosses!  Refuse to listen.  And the Who teachers are left wonderin’, just what is missing.
  The Whos can’t believe it.  They’re dumbfounded struck.  They’re asking for help, but they’re just out of luck.
 Their hours and hours of teaching it seems; their silly and childish who-ish-y dreams, are meaningless, pointless and sad beyond mention.
  It’s Grinch leaders, not Whos, who should be in detention.

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