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Mental Health...the next school safety debate. Click here for NEA article.

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A comment from a parent on the NEA's article by Cindy Long called "Bullying of Teachers Pervasive in Many Schools:"  Click NEA logo above for the article and almost 800 comments.
Mom says:

Hi Teachers, Parent here. The bully Principal Starnes in Montgomery County (Kemp Mill) is worse than a bully. He destroyed lives of teachers, children, families. Children ended up in the psychiatric institute. Many suffered and the level of education became pathetic once Starnes came on board. (It was a good school under Principal Evans). So what is the result of the mediation – is Starnes still the Principal or is he required to leave the school? Is he now a registered sex offender? Or is he legally allowed to continue his behaviors? We need to re-think the whole system when the principal, administration, BOE, Superintendent, and union are all corrupt.

Houston Teacher 
December 1, 2012 at 11:26 pm
Principal called a meeting to say, “the released [standardized] test results weren’t good,” clasping her hands together, pursing her lips, glaring at her “team,” she continued saying, “instruction is not happening.” She brings out the test charts, pretty red colored columns with each teachers’ name below it. Hmm, those weren’t my scores; I’ve been to school. Those are the scores of students who are sick and tired of testing and don’t give a crap about doing their best. Through relationships and good teaching, we just hope on THE test day they they pull out effort for us, their teachers if not for themselves. It’s always heartwarming to see them rush up after a torturous week of only testing to tell us, “Miss, I did good. I did good.”
How dare she tell the majority of hard working teachers that “instruction is not happening.”

She continues to threaten us about write ups in order to cover her arse, CYA. Then declares, “You CHOSE to come here. You CHOSE to come here.” Yes, a Title I Urban school— Yes, I wanted to say. Yes, moron, you have teachers with doctorates and masters and professional degrees that chose not to take a fast track principal course to escape a classroom filled with 40 students, 10% of each class holding students that won’t hesitate to professionally curse out Michelle Obama –Condi Rice–or Hilary Clinton– much less their teachers, taking the majority of students and teachers hostage.

Bullies is almost an understatement. Executioners, vile inquisitioners who have no vision because they can’t get past the fear of losing their jobs… Tyrants. “Going school” will surely replace “going postal” one day.

5 teachers will be resigning in 2 weeks! Wonderful young teachers—naturals in their art and craft. Sadly, a couple veterans too.

April 27, 2013 at 4:56 pm
We have lost all individual rights and due process that was once afforded us through our unions. The teachers in a lawsuit in Montgomery County, Maryland have been contacted by scores of teachers who are in hostile work environments, and the union, MCEA of Montgomery county is doing nothing to help them. Through legal discovery, the teachers in the lawsuit have been privy to emails and communications between the MCEA and the bullying principal,Floyd Starnes and his superiors. Basically, when a teacher(in the lawsuit) called the union to complain about an illegal or unethical action by the principal, the NEA/MCEA uniserv contacted the principal and gave the teacher’s name to the principal and shared what the complaints were by the teacher. The uniserv also shared with the principal that she tried to get the teacher to back off but the teacher would not change her mind or back off. The uniserv also offered to call principal starnes’ boss, Ms. Bronda Mills and see if she could help him out. The uniserv then contacted Bronda Mills to see what could be done to help Floyd Starnes, the bully principal.
The particular teacher, whose confidential information was turned over to her bully principal by NEA uniserv, was bullied unmercifully from that point on. MCEA did not do their job. MCEA has behaved unethically to a despicable degree. They made it WORSE for the teacher who had been acting in an honest and ethical manner! The bullying by the principal was so relentless that the teacher finally left her job and took medical leave. It would have been far better if the MCEA had done nothing. Certainly, I would never contact NEA/MCEA regarding anything unethical or illegal going on in our school. What’s really disgusting is that our president of MCEA signs his letters as………………….In Solidarity, Doug Prouty. DOUG PROUTY, our MCEA president should be dismissed for how he has failed to do his job. NEA, wake up. It’s public record. Take a look at Floyd Starnes’ deposition so that you can see the unethical behavior by DOUG PROUTY’S office. The unions are in a sad state in this country. Advice: Think twice before talking to your unions about your abusive principals. The only ones being held accountable in education are the teachers. The unions are not held accountable and certainly not the principals. It’s a sad day when teachers are advising each other “WHATEVER YOU DO, DON’T CALL YOUR UNION”

Debra H. says:
April 28, 2013 at 10:12 pm
Dear abused in Montgomery County MD,

As another abused teacher in Montgomery County I had the same experience with the union MCEA. When I reported the abusive behavior of my principal to the union, the information was also shared with my principal. I also left my teaching position because of health issues which resulted from this abuse. MCEA also controls the sick leave bank. My sick leave was denied. If you need help I agree WHATEVER YOU DO DON’T CALL YOUR UNION