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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Yertle the Turtle is not a nice guy.

To my fellow bullied targets:  "I meant what I said and I said what I meant:  An elephant's faithful one hundred percent."

At last Yertle was as high as he could be! Still, there were things he could not see. Below him were sad and tired turtles; all precariously balancing their Yertle.

Until one, on the bottom, she finally cried, "Hey everyone! Yertle, our Yertle, he lied! We, we, the stacked up turtles have nothing to hide!

Why it's his bosses-ours!-who're really to blame! Yes! It's they who've allowed his turtle stack game!"

That moment of truth telling had all turtles exclaim:
"Yes! Yes! You are right! They've allowed this to occur. They've allowed this bad turtle to become quite a cur!

They've allowed this reptile to run quite amok!  Surely this time, he's run out of luck.

Why, it's time they address this! It's time they found out, just what the costs are to allow such a lout!

Lives are destroyed-employees' and students'. They spend district money just where they shouldn't.  They spend and they spend, they spin such a lie, that those of us here in the stack just ask why?

Why are we stacked here so docile and sweating? We're all just too scared. But fear's pointless I'm betting.

I'm betting they'll listen to our unified voice. I'm betting they'll see there's no other choice.

For to allow such a brute to not take a fall, doesn't make any sense: makes no sense at all."


P.S. I continue my story next week.
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