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Friday, September 23, 2011

I Am Stuffed
Here’s what we do not need-- more stuff--even if it’s great stuff.  I am a counselor in a public middle school.  I have tons of bullying prevention stuff--mountains of stuff-- great stuff left behind by former occupants of my office; my own stuff; stuff brought to me by other hopeful individuals-- “Ms. Werner, take a look at this!”;…--bullying prevention, cyber bullying, violence prevention, character building curricula , presentation ideas and the like-on my office shelves.  I have cabinets stuffed with stuff.  I do not need more stuff.  

I also have this.  I have a heart stuffed with enthusiasm and hope.  I have a mind stuffed with ideas.  I just want to help children.  I just want, desire, cry out for a Captain Effective Leader who will say this: ”Kim, go for it. I support you.” 

his is what I have experienced: ”No, it cannot be done;  No. And remember your position;  No. The teachers have too much to do; No. And be careful or you will make someone mad: No, no, no.  NO." 

We, your employees, have all the stuff we need to change our schools’ cultures.  The stuff we need now comes from you.  It’s the drive and the commitment and the resources to do the work.  I know children are suffering from bullying.  I know we are not preventing it.  There’s a difference between reacting to bullying and preventing bullying.

So, leaders, are you women and men of your word?  Do you mean it when you say bullying prevention is important?  If so, then provide the time and the training to make it happen. 

We don’t need more stuff.  We need to do more stuff.  We need to do the right stuff.   
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