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Friday, September 16, 2011

Veggie Pizza

Once upon a time the emperor wore lots and lots of nice clothes. He’d button up each morning-- jackets and knickers and shoes. He knew he looked fineA little skip to his step, a whistle on his lips, out he'd go to conquer the world. Now the jackets and the knickers and the shoes are all in the closet. What happened to our emperor?  How come, with all his exquisite garments-shoes, jackets and knickers, boots and baubles--how come he doesn’t wear them?  Well folks, he just got too big for his britches. Too pompous.  Too arrogant. 

OK- you know this and I know this and so I am going to put words to it.  He's fat! He hasn’t exercised in years.  He scratches places that shouldn’t be scratched in front of people.  He burps, farts and hiccups.  It’s not pleasant to be close to him for lengthy periods of time.  He has to pay lots and lots of money to his suffering servers so that they will pretend.  And the rest of us are left listlessly clapping.....”Put your hands together....” 

The truth is I relate to our emperor. I’ve got some great stuff in my closet too-some from the early 2000’s and a piece or two from the ’90’s that I wore for that one delightful “thin” summer in 1997.  The truth is, I’ve eaten too much pizza on occasion and then tried to zip up a favorite pair of pants.  I got it done. I got them on. Then I spent the rest of the evening pretending that everything was peachy, ice-creamy, hot-diggity-doggie.  I pretended that I was not so totally annoyed with myself that I wanted to throw off the whole damn outfit and climb onto the couch with another slice.  And here’s the thing—I got my husband to pretend too.  “How do I look?” I would ask and still do.  Now, when that man hears that question he wants to run for cover. Instead, he smiles. His eyes dart-- forth and back-- and he says “you look great!”   Much like our emperor; “How do I look?” he asks us.  "Great!", we exclaim in unison. We deserve our emperor’s full monty.   

Here’s the difference between me and His Nakedness.  I heave a sigh and start a diet.  He doesn’t.   

Next, we’ll take a look at how our emperor changed over time; how as a young monarch he would emerge from the castle fully clothed.  How little by little he discarded his finery.

And then-and you knew it was coming-we’ll look at how systems--school districts, corporations and governments--how they too are naked and pretending.  They’ve got lots of pretty things in their closets.  It’s time we demand they pull them out, dust them off, and put them on. Or maybe they need to buy--and wear--some new stuff. Either way we deserve a well dressed emperor.

You know what?  Life is amazing.  Go live yourself a "piece" of it!Wink

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