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Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Key to Effective Leadership

---This is the last of a series of posts identifying the Workplace Bullying Institute's four bullying leadership archtypes.  I invite you to begin with "The Screaming Mimi" archived blog followed by "The Two Headed Snake", "The Constant Critic", and "The Gate Keeper". Just click XML to the right of this post to see all of my previous blogs. I hope you laugh out loud.
And for those of you being bullied at work, know you are not alone.  It really is, as Dr. Dan Olweus states...."a matter of human rights."---


The moment we've all been waiting for: The Key to Effective Leadership!  Take it away Captain Effective Leader!

C.E.L.-"Thank you Kim.  Leaders, you’ve held the potential for true and effective leadership all along.   Your employees, like all people--no matter their age--want you first to be a person of your word. They know you are not perfect.  They will forgive you many things if, even in your imperfection, you demonstrate honor, courage, integrity and a good sense of humor.  Always remember this acra.....this acro....what's that word Kim?"

M.E.--"It's acronym Captain."

C.E.L.-"Yes.  That's it.  Thanks. Leaders always lead with.....

U. nderstanding.  Effective Leaders take time to listen.

R. espect. Effective Leaders, even if they do not agree, always demonstrate respect.

A. uthority. Effective Leaders are confident.

J. enuineness.  Effective Leaders are authentic and jenuine individuals.

(M.E. to Y.O.U)--
Hey, he’s Captain Effective Leader, not Captain Effective Speller!

E. nthusiasm. Effective Leaders create excitement.

R. esponsibility. The buck stops with an Effective Leader.

K. indess. Effective Leaders are patient, caring and compassionate people. 

M.E.- "Er....excuse me Captain Effective Leader, you have spelled genuineness incorrectly. It’s spelled with a “g”.             

C.E.L.- Oh, that’s right.  I’m glad you’re here! Hey, my name's Effective Leader not Speller! Thanks Kim. (he laughs at himself and moves on.) 

M.E.-to M.Y.S.E.L.F.-"Wow. I like and respect him even more now....."

C.E.L.- Remember this. U.R.A.J.E.R.K.  Repeat it.  Many times. U.R.A.J.E.R.K.,              U.R.A.J.E.R.K., U.R.A.J.E.R.K.   

Captain Effective Leader looks at M.E..  

C.E.L.-"Do you understand?" 

Captain Effective Leader looks at Y.O.U.

 C.E.L.- "Do you understand?" 

Captain Effective Leader looks at Mr. Bully Boss. 

C.E.L.-"'Do you understand?"

Mr. Bully Boss pauses a moment.  He scratches his head….."THAT’S THE BIGGEST BUNCH OF C%^&#@P I HAVE EVER HEARD!  GIVE ME THE &^%$#* KEY!  I WANT THAT KEY!!!"

Captain Effective Leader and I look at each other.  We shrug.     

C.E.L. and M. E. together--"Some people will never get it!" 

(Curtain closes.  Finally.)

Next up we'll begin to sew for "His Nakedness." The emperor makes his first appearance....Surprised 

Have an amazing week.  Be courageous.

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