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Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Son

Have you met my son Ben yet?  He’s the respectful and helpful boy with the big smile.  Yes. That’s him--right up front.  His hands are folded on top of his desk.  His feet are planted tight to the floor.  His back is straight. His pencils are sharpened.  His supplies are organized.  His name is neatly written in the right hand corner of his paper because that is where you told him to write it .He will write his name in the right hand corner on every single assignment. He will not forget.  

In fact, you may be the one to forget.  You may forget, if you are not careful, that Ben needs your attention too.  Because of his excellent attitude and performance, you may become satisfied with Ben. You may be relieved to have him in your class.  You may, without even knowing you are doing it, focus on others--often--who disrupt your lessons; who just plain aggravate the living day lights out of you.  Maybe, just maybe, you will take Ben’s excellent attitude and quiet demeanor for granted.  Please don’t.  Please challenge him just beyond his comfort level.  Please. 

 Here are some things you need to know about Ben.  He loves learning.  He works really, really hard.  He has a difficult time asking for help.  He has an even more difficult time admitting he’s wrong.  He may not seem like it to you, but know this: he is fiercely independent.  For him, right is right and wrong is wrong.  He won’t tell you that.  So, it’s left to me to remind you that there is a child in your class--a quiet child--big smile, hands folded, feet planted--waiting expectantly, hoping fiercely--that you will make learning fun.  I hope so too. 

Get ready for next week’s post!  Captain Effective Leader will reveal.....”The Key to Effective Leadership.”  You may be surprised.


P.S.  If you are new to A Piece Full World, check out my archived posts.  Start with "The Screamining Mimi."  Get ready to laugh. 

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

New to A Piece Full World?

Are you new to A Piece Full World? Today's post is one of an on-going series. I did a lot of research following my experience of being bullied at my place of employment. I found The Workplace Bullying Institute (WPI)  WPI describes four workplace bullying archetypes.  I took those and created a play called "Ouch!  Are You A Bully Boss?"    I invite you to check out my archived posts, starting with "The Screaming Mimi" and catch up with Mr. Bully Boss and Captain Effective Leader before reading today's post. I hope you laugh.  I had fun creating it. 
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The Gate Keeper. You May Not Come In.
M.E.-- Thank goodness, The Gate Keeper bullying leadership style is the last one..... I really don’t think I can take much more.  The Namies tell us this bullying leader is not above using performance evaluations to “concoct incompetence”.  This is a huge concern to me. I work in public schools. Many states are now using principals’ evaluations of employees to determine their employees’ continued employment!  My alarms are going off.

(Mr. Bully Boss enters) 

B. B.--Ms. Werner, I’m disappointed with you.  You were needed at the school to file very important papers. You should have known.  That work did not get done. 

M.E.--But, but....Mr. Bully Boss.......I was not aware...

B.B.-- (interrupts me)  This is very concerning to me.  We will discuss this later.  (He snickers) 

M.E.--Mr. Bully Boss, what can I ever do to please you?  

B.B.-- Nothing! Are you kidding?!  Haven’t you learned anything by now? You should know that I’m a petty little power tripper. You should know you can’t do anything right anyway….unless of course I need to sssssssuck up to my bossssessssss…. You should know that I love putting obstacles in your way. Haven’t you learned anything?! It doesn’t matter that you do excellent work! Who cares?!  I don’t want you to succeed.   I exclude you from important information and then hold you accountable for not knowing.  It amuses me! It’s fun. 

M.E.-- (not so perkily.  I mean really, there‘s only so much one person can tolerate!) Oh. Yes.  I remember. (I heave a resigned sigh.....) Captain Effective Leader! SAVE ME!!!

 (Captain Effective Leader enters)  

 C.E.L.-- I will save you Ms. Werner.  I will save you and everyone here from tyranny and abuse.  You’ve had……. ( the drum rolls)……… "The Key to Effective Leadership” all along. He turns to Mr. Bully Boss and asks, “Do you want the key?”  He turns to M.E.--”Do you want the key?”  He turns to Y.O.U.-Do you want the key……..?”   

Stay tuned!  Captain Effective Leader will reveal the elusive “Key to Effective Leadership" in two weeks!  

Next Sunday I want you to meet an amazing boy--my son. 
Until then--Let’s remain bullying free.....



(the curtain closes…..thank goodness.)
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