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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Nothing to write about...
I've got nothing to write about.  Not because everything is "a-okay" in public school workplace bullying land.  Not because I've made even a whit of difference with my blog for public school children or the adults teaching them either.

As a bullied educator, I've taken the anger, outrage, and fear that was inside of me and placed it before you on A Piece Full World.  I've kept it clean and true and honest.  I felt I could help you by telling my story.  I know telling my story helped me. 

I was bullied by a school principal.

I suffered. I suffered high blood pressure, anxiety, sleeplessness and heart palpitations. The abuse frayed my telomeres. If I'd stayed I may have died. One did. Die. He died right there in the principal's office.

But I didn't stay.  I left.  I researched.  Got a few public records. 

It sounds simple.  It was not. 

I found out many things through my research.  I found that my former principal may be the worst of the worst in my district. I read letters and emails from women who'd worked there. They--the women--burdened my heart. They still do. Their pleas for help. Their declarations of defiance.  

I saw my name used as evidence against one of them.

Read his annual performance reviews too.  They were excellent.  

Read glowing letters of recommendation from influential community members.  He wants to be a superintendent. 

The shock of seeing those letters made me vomit.  I vomited.

But he is not the only abusive principal.  He is not unique.  In fact, his brand of leadership is common place.  It is the authentic, kind, compassionate and smart leadership that is so preciously rare. That was the biggest shock of all.  He is not alone.  His violent and abusive leadership is common throughout the nation.

The inner indignation at the audacious lies propelled me forward.  Gave me courage. I began to write. I simply began to tell the truth.

 A friend of influence--someone who could really make a difference--recommended I stop.  Move on.  And I almost did. But you were still out there, reaching out to me through email; looking for help.  And so I did not stop writing about my experience as my friend recommended.  I simply could not stop.

And now I've got nothing left but resignation.
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