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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Letter to Dr. Marc Brackett, Social and Emotional Intelligence Researcher


Dr. Brackett,

I attended the Miami Dade County Public Schools recent mini conference.  I so enjoyed your key note presentation.  I know myself to be a "half glass full" kind of person and, so, I, a middle school counselor, left your presentation with hope.  

I am also a resilient human being.  I was bullied by a school principal.  I reported him.  He was charged with ethics violations.  The school district's investigation found him innocent.  I, though, know better. Through public records, I was horrified to find that his has been a district supported legacy of abuse.  Many have suffered.  Lost jobs and health.  

These simple statements encompass the most important professional experience of my life. The experience continues.  Although I now work for a compassionate and kind school principal, I was recently diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress.  I don't easily trust my superiors.  I am hyper vigilant.

There is a part of me that "watches" me.  Feels my heart's palpitations. Dreads, sometimes, going to bed because I may not sleep. Contemplates the effects of Prozac, Metoprolol and Xanax. Wants to stop all of those.  Wants to return to my joy and exuberance...

I certainly understand about telomeres.  I assure you mine are frayed.  I understand I was brave to report him.  I understand, also, that I am forever changed.  Not in awful ways all the time, but in ways that surprise me.  

I didn't know, for instance, that I had this kind of courage; the kind it takes to say "no" to district sanctioned abuse; the kind that puts a job on the line.

I share with you the website I created following my experience.  I think it's helping others. It certainly helps me.  I've been contacted by so many of our nation's bullied educators. I'd thought my hell had to be a rare occurrence.  I've found, however, that I share my experience of workplace abuse with thousands.  A Piece Full World can be found at: www.apiecefullworld.com.  

The National Education Association found me from A Piece Full World and interviewed me on the topic of workplace bullying in schools.  Here's that link: http://neatoday.org/2013/06/18/nea-provides-educators-with-guidance-on-preventing-workplace-bullying-2/

Thanks, Dr. Brackett, for reminding me that, in spite of bullying in schools, life is best lived through honesty, kindness and courage.

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Sunday, November 6, 2016

"Out of the Blue...."

 Written September 02. Revisited as I recuperate. The book will--must--be written.

Out of the Blue...like an expectant waiting for disaster.

That's what is left for me.  That's O's legacy for me.  A distrust, a suspicion...  

Where is my joy?  Where?  Where...?

Working there and knowing later "how things work in the school system" changed me.  I no longer expect good.  I expect attack.

And this, then, is where my faith fits.  Acceptance!  Love!  Patience...

The school system.


Two incidents = nervousness, distrust, shakiness.

= Post traumatic stress.

= Insecurity, fear.
...about the world.

= nothing and no one is safe.
= Distress
= Waking up
=Obsessive/Compulsive behaviors...

When, then, does this end?

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