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Sunday, March 20, 2016


 Mr. Mayor, the residents of Miami Springs don't want to eat a "DEVELOPMENT ELEPHANT."

"The way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time." I'm not exactly sure when I heard my mayor say that, but, I remember my scrunching faced puzzlement. "Huh? What's that mean?"

Here's what my mayor's statement now puts in my mind: an elephant being led into my city with a rope around its neck. The elephant's a "DEVELOPMENT ELEPHANT" and its just one of many "DEVELOPMENT ELEPHANTS" in Miami-Dade County. 

My mayor, in my mind, triumphantly leads the DEVELOPMENT ELEPHANT to my town's heart--"The Circle"--where hungry developers await. "I got me one!" my mayor says out loud and proud. "Let's start building!"

"DEVELOPMENT ELEPHANTS" are everywhere in this county. Doral, right now in 2016, has the biggest, baddest "DEVELOPMENT ELEPHANTS" around. I suspect my mayor's slightly jealous of the dirt and noise and building, building, building he sees there. "Why, they've eaten a herd of "DEVELOPMENT ELEPHANTS" and I don't have even one!"

He might leave the "zoo" of the rest of Miami-Dade County--might zoom himself down 36th Street (well, maybe "zoom" is not the right word, for Doral is woefully packed with trucks and cars)--enter Miami Springs and say: "Enough of this quiet and peace! We gotta change that! I gotta get me a "DEVELOPMENT ELEPHANT!"

The commercial property owners in Miami Springs are not, in general, residents and they don't want just bites of the "DEVELOPMENT ELEPHANT" my mayor's led into my mind.. They want chunks. They'll roast those chunks over the fire pit of residents' sorrow at our loss. For we residents are just simple folk without an appetite for an elephant.

"You want a bite of an ear or trunk?" ¿Lo quieren asado, mis amigos, o, frito? The tail is a particular delicacy. The real meat of 'el elefante', however, is right in the middle...."

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