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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

If Punctuations Were Relationships...

If punctuations were relationships, I’d be sitting on a front porch swing with my “significant period” sipping tea and sharing the evening newspaper.  Every now and again an explanation point might zip by and catch my and my significant period’s attention.  We’d “um-um-ummmm”, smile at each other, shake our heads, and go back to reading the paper.

Periods are dependable punctuations.  Periods are hardworking; solid.  They have a strong work ethic. 

There are few surprises. 


I like periods. I’m comfortable with them. Always have been.


Ah, but explanation points!  I sometimes want to run away with an explanation point!  I want that point to have its way with me!  Leave me breathless with anticipation! Wanting more! Sad that it ended…. That’s the point of an exclamation point. Yet, even here--already in this paragraph-- I’ve returned to my solid and hard working period; my solid, hard working, "I-can-always-count-on-it" period. 


Periods.  I like periods. Period.


And that leads me to the question mark.  What to do with a question mark?  Is it a noble puncuation?  Intriguing?  Will a relationship with a question mark leave you questioning your decision to embark on that troublesome course? Would it be worth it?  You did know a future with a question mark was, well, questionable, didn’t you?  The question mark may even be masquerading as an exclamation point.


You should probably stay on the front porch swing and sip tea with your significant period when a question mark from your past makes its appearance in your present. You’ll see, then, how dependable your "significant period" is.  It works hard at keeping you happy.   And that should be enough!

But maybe your period can, from time to time, just as does the question mark, masquerade as an exclamation point...well, maybe! 


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