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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Another "Awaiting Moderation" NEA comment

Fellow Targets,

I sent this to the Florida Association of School Administrators this morning.  It awaits moderation on the NEA site, so you cannot see it there.

Stay strong--

Good Morning! I was selected by FASA in 2009 as one of ten consultants trained to begin the Florida Bullying Prevention Initiative. Thank you. I have come to know however, through training and through experience that we will never truly keep children safe from bullying if we, schools' employees, are not safe from the same. I invite you to check out my website http://www.apiecefullworld.com and the following NEA link:


This story and its almost 400 comments about teachers' being bullied is a must read for you. I urge you to address the issue of administrators' abuse of power and bullying. There is, and I write this with conviction, no way we will keep the children in Florida safe from bullying when there is an epidemic of administrators' bullying us.

Please read the NEA participants' comments.

Thank you,

Kim Werner
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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Asking for help

This is a quick, but important blog post today.  I am participating in an important online discussion.  Cindy Long of NEA, wrote an article called "Bullying of Teachers Pervasive in Many Schools."  Here is its link:

This article has struck a nerve across the nation for bullied teachers and employees in schools. Close to 370 participants have commented.  Ms. Long's article is the most popular on NEA's site. To put it all in perspective, the next most popular article has 25 comments thus far.

Participants are organizing around a lawsuit from Montgomery County Maryland.  That case, I think, speaks for all of us.  I said just that in a post to the NEA site.  I was surprised that my post was not allowed and that it "awaits moderation."  I have decided to put it here. My disallowed comment follows verbatim.

"Thank you Johnathan K.  We do need to organize and I believe we can do it around the Kemp Mill ES case from Montgomery County.  Here's the link to an article about the case.  The lawsuit links from there.


Because this case will be heard, it speaks for all of us. I believe if we are organized and send letters to the media in support of that case--and tell our own stories--we all will be heard.  That's where the "let's-get-organized" piece comes in. I'm not sure yet as to which media organization we'll send our support.  It's important. though,  that we do it comprehensively.

A member of our group has created a standard form for us to use.  I will work at getting it up electronically on line and on my website at http://www.apiecefullworld.com. I may need some help with that.  If someone is out there with that kind of technology savvy, please let me know. 

And so, everybody, please read the Kemp Mill ES case.  We will get organized and take action from there."


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