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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Insurance Denied

Note to my readers:  My request for supplemental insurance has recently been honored.  I will now work at having all references to "my disorder" removed from my record.

Out of that place.  Done with it.  See ya later!  Take off!  New school and new leadership.  Told the truth.  Time to move on....

Can't do it yet though.  Snipers shoot at me still.  I do not run for cover.  I do not dart behind rocks and shells of buildings. I wear a bullet proof vest.  The snipers' shots do not fell me.  But because I am not completely bullet proof, they may fell me still. Their weapons of destruction may yet take me down.

But now I shoot back.  I do not passively wait until they "have their way with me."  I shoot back.  I load the rock into the sling. I let it fly. I tell the truth.

I have been denied routine supplemental health coverage.  I have been denied because I left a well documented place of abuse.  How about that? How about my act of courage, strength, and emotional well-being--an act of self preservation--how about that being officially labeled as having a"psychiatric disorder"? 

I contend my former school is full of people with "psychiatric disorders"; abused people who, like abused animals, anticipate the next boot heel to belly; who themselves lash out at those who escaped; those who dug tunnels under gates.  Slipped away in the dead of the night.  Oh, how they hate those who got away...

How about a school district ignoring--yes, ignoring!--years of reports of abuse?  Do they not know that one day they will have to answer to that?  I do not know if that time has arrived for them....I only know that time has arrived for me. 

I want to be done with it!  I want to say, "OK, it's on you school district, it's on you."
I cannot.  

I am daily faced with adhering to my own words, my own integrity, my own honor--for others and for myself.  I am faced with either saying "no" or "yes, I will" to pleas from other targets for my support.  I am also faced with saying "no" or " yes you will, Kim; yes you will" to continuing to protect myself--now from the aftermath of my courageous acts--from denials of health insurance; from labels of fragile mental conditions.; from being too much of a risk to insure."

School district, know this:  I am not a risk.  I am not, at least, the kind of risk the insurers have labeled me.  I most certainly do not have a psychiatric disorder!  

I do, however, have stamina and fortitude.  I will stand before you.  I will let you know sides of stories you've not yet heard.  I will speak for myself and for others who are too frightened from too many years of what, I can only believe, is your unwillingness to address the abuse about which you've heard so many times. I will stand before you--oh, yes, with my heart in my throat--and speak.  I will speak the truth.

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Click here for my district's bullying and harassment policy. You will see I have made comments....