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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The stubborn old mule is having a cow.

There are, they say, ways to skin cats.  Some cats I know, though, have thick skins.  Sharp claws.  Mean hisses.  It's hard to get close to them.  Their backs 'll arch and they will attack.

 I know a horse that won't drink water either.  It's right in front of him.  It's cold.  It's fresh.  He'll have none of it.  He'd rather die of dehydration than to dip his muzzle into that trough.  His trough is on the other side of the barnyard.  It's dried up.

 And the stubborn old mule. He's having a cow.

 That's my experience of my school district.  Stubborn mules saying: WE -ARE-THE-BIG-BOSSES-NOT-YOU!"  Horses that won't drink from a trough of fresh ideas because those ideas are not their ideas.
Cats then, that must be skinned in different ways.

 A Piece Full World's goal of feeder pattern bullying prevention; its goal of preventing bullying by empowering each other with respect, was met in my very own community.  I am so proud of The City of Miami Springs, Florida!

The City of Miami Springs, the entire city council, a future school board member, the City Mayor, the City Manager and A Piece Full World, came together to offer a comprehensive bullying prevention event-- a first time ever opportunity to children, parents and community members-- to eradicate bullying in our community.  It was fantastic to have such support.  We defined bullying so that we all--the entire community--can work towards preventing it before it occurs.

 A psychotherapist experienced in counseling bullying and bullied youth helped us understand the long term consequences of bullying for families.

 A children's advocate gave us insight into how our state law came into being.

 A school counselor was there to "give us the skinny" on what really happens in schools in regards to bullying prevention.

 I, a school and workplace bullying prevention trainer, gave all participants specific tools they can use to create positive school and community climates.

 We moved from a conversation of what to do when we see bullying... to how to prevent it in the first place.  We spoke of commitment, endurance, education, diligence and courage.

 Many of my school district's leaders did not support the event.  Not only did they not support it, by all accounts,they instructed our schools to not participate.  

All of our local public schools' principals had initially given me the go ahead. All local public school principals later then chose not to support it.  Chose not to distribute flyers.  Chose not to make announcements.  Chose not to talk about it in any way.

 Actually that is not true.  Apparently they did talk about it.  Apparently they told people they did not support the event.  They were told to say that, I believe, by those same district leaders.

 But here's the thing:  I am not complaining. I have decided to take up the reins of that horse and lead him to another trough.  I have decided to offer some kitty treats to the cats.  They don't know it, but I've peeked.  They're sniffing at them.

 The mule though will take some convincing.  That just seems to be who he is...a stubborn old mule.  We'll have to work around him sitting right out there in the middle of everything.

 Oh well.  If we can get the horse to take a drink of water, he'll be happy.

 If we can get the cats to sample the kitty treats, they'll be happy.

 Cats purr.  Horses whinny.

 Mules, though, just sit there.

 Hey nothing's ever perfect!


Folks, we must hang onto our sense of the absurd...that at the very least.  Have an amazing week out there!

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