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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Your bullying principals are sleeping well....

Your bully bosses climb into their king size beds; beds with nice firm mattresses stuffed with documents against you. They pull blankets of lies right up to their chins. There are lots of "lie blankets" from which to choose. If by chance they are tired of the blankets in their bedrooms' closets; if they are bored with the standard lie blanket, they can make a trip to the district's warehouse and choose a different one there.

They are tucked in each night by school district leadership.

"Don't you fret about that latest report,"district leadership will whisper in our bullies' ears as they stroke our bullies' foreheads. "Never you mind. Just you go to sleep now. We'll take care of those bad, bad girls and boys who have made our darlings mad.

Never you mind now. Just go on to sleep."

You, dear target, are watching from your dark corner of truth telling. You have no mattress of documentation. You have no soft blanket. You have only your thin sheath of truth telling. You may reach out as the leaders leave, for they are your leaders too. You may cry out: "HELP ME!"

Most of your school district leaders will ignore your cries. Some will be annoyed. One may kick you as he passes by.

Another may ask if you too wish to be covered with a soft warm "lie blanket." There are many. She too may kick you if you refuse.

Refuse anyway.

Still. There is one district leader who may turn. One who may look back. One whose heart may hurt. He knows you are a truth teller.

He may then look at the lying person in the lying bed covered with the blanket of lies. He may say to himself, "Enough."

He will hesitate. He will turn to the others. He will look back at the bed.

He will need your help, dear truth teller.

Stand up! Stand up now! Walk to the district leader. Take him by the hand; to the bed.

Each of you, grab corners of the blanket! Rip it from the sleeping abuser! Expose him.

See. You are not alone. See. Others are joining you. See. They stand up from their own dark corners of truth. They are now pulling wads of "lie documents" from the bullies' mattresses. Some of the documents are 20 years old.

See. Sadly. The other district leaders skulking away. They are off to the district's warehouse of lies. Will they destroy the blankets? Will they launder them? Will they themselves, just maybe, begin to manufacture new blankets: blankets of truth?

Ah. Dear truth telling target: Your bully is waking up.

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