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Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Story Continues.....
I return to my story, dear “Way-Above-Me-Boss", and to your request that I meet with my abusive school leader.

“I’m sorry for the misunderstanding”, he might have said at that meeting. 
 You would have been there, “Bigger-Than- Both- Of- Us- Boss.”  We would probably all have been dressed up: suits and ties for you and for him; an "I hardly ever wear dresses" dress for me.     

We would probably have been seated at the conference table. 
 You would have asked me, “Ms. Werner, do you accept his apology?”

I might then have looked him in the eye.  I would have seen there his hatred of me; his eagerness for you to leave.......for me to be “his” again.

 I might then have looked you in the eye.  I might have seen there sympathy for my plight; understanding and.....helplessness. 

“Ms. Werner,” your eyes might have spoken, for I believe you to be a good man in spite of our district's muck.... “This is just the way things are.  Protocol you know....”

 On the inside I might have screamed “NOOOOO!!!!!”  On the outside I might have widened my eyes and looked at you: one more silent plea.....and very slowly nodded my head.  

Would you have sighed as you rose to leave? Shaken my hand—squeezed it tightly-- as you left me there—the lion’s prey?   The lion is always hungry, “Way-Above-Me-Boss.”  

When will you and your “Bigger-Than-You-Boss" do right, true and courageous things?  

Because knowing of and allowing his violence—yes violence, I have read our workplace violence policy—and abuse is surely not the right thing.


P.S.  A note to my treasured readers:

Know that this was written a while back.  I will continue the story at your request.  

I am just returned from Bellingham Washington and The Workplace Bullying Institute's University training!  I have much to share.  There is much work to be done.

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