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Thursday, January 19, 2012

A day in the life of a middle school counselor.....

I am digging for something to blog about. Something to talk to you about. Words of wisdom. Erudite pearls.

I don't have any. I got up. I went to work. I had a normal work day.

I came home. I cooked dinner. I paid bills.

I helped two students at school today-both eighth grade girls--with their virtual school registrations. Both girls want to attend an elite magnet school in my county. The school requires, minimally Algebra 1 and Earth Space Science. These are high school credits.

The girls do not have the credits.  The only way to get the credits now is through Florida Virtual School.

I think it's pretty cool they have this initiative. I think also that it's going to be a ton of work for them. On line first time out with high school credit.

Still though, I wanted to help them. So I called the virtual school folk, clarified the issue and worked towards a solution to their problem. I think we were successful. Cool.

And this: I chilled with the girls. I laughed with them Talked with them about their families...and their families' expectations.

"Thanks Ms. Werner! You're the best! " ,they said as they left. I loved the sound of their laughter.

Sometimes when I am inundated with some data oriented (and "important" no doubt!) task, I have to remind myself to be patient and welcoming. No sighs. No comments about my work load. Nope. Just a smile and a "C'mon in! "

Two of my school's most problematic boys came to see me. That made me feel good. These are boys who've been suspended for fighting, selling drugs and for theft. They are tough...and vulnerable: painfully so. They just don't know it.

Today they taught me these terms: "White girl" is cocaine and police officers are "crackers". It doesn't matter if they are white, black or hispanic.

These young men think I'm a goofy lady who doesn't "know nothin'. They're not sure why they like me. They think they have "one over on me". I know they don't.

Hey. I am not going to write that I am doing anything terribly therapuetic. I'm just glad that these two boys visit with me.

Two bullying issues came my way. Have you heard of purple nurples? I hadn't. Purple nurples are nipple twists. Ouch. I turned the "purple nurple"caper over to an administrator.

That's hard for me. I am not sure administrators will do right things in regards to bullying.

They've disappointed me in the past. Still, they've had the same district training as I've had and so I must trust.

The other issue was a "no-brainer" for me. Possible knives in book bags must be reported as a school security issue.

I identified children for a grant my school receives. We have a lot of kids who need these services. It's a great thing I think and so, I found some kids and their families who I think would benefit. Took a little time.  I hope there is follow through.  You never know.

I spent time in the cafeteria with our "Bully Free It Starts With Me" poster. I invited kids to sign a pledge to stand up for their peers. I got lots of signatures. Good stuff.

My job, in general, is good stuff. I like it. It's not perfect. What ever is? Still, I like it a lot.

Seems I found something to write about after all.

Have a great week!


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