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Thursday, November 24, 2011

It feels good to write the truth.

As I read my bully’s testimony from the investigation I am again brought to a place of indignation.  He wrote—and my district accepted—that, in addition to my being "confrontational and uncooperative", I “....only wanted to do bullying prevention....”  Ha! 

Read on, dear readers.  Read on.  

 A letter of recommendation from my principal follows.  This is a letter I wrote and he signed. I wrote it in the spring of 2010. 

My principal and I shared a desperate dawning of awareness that my remaining at that school was dangerous for both of us.  His dawning: that I was a threat to his kingdom. Mine: that his kingdom stank.  

I have left out schools’ specific names and changed region numbers.

My bully wanted me gone.  I wanted to be gone.  On that, at the very least, we finally agreed. 

Here is the letter:

Dear Fellow Principal, 

 It is with mixed emotion that I write this letter of recommendation.  Ms. Kim Werner, my counselor, has requested a transfer back to Region 6  or to Region 7 -both of which would allow Ms. Werner to be close to home and family.  I certainly understand Ms. Werner’s desire to be closer to her home, juggling family and work obligations is tough for any involved parent. 

 Ms. Werner is a proactive, visionary employee.  She is the only certified Olweus Bullying Prevention Program trainer in our district.  The Florida Association of School Administrators (FASA) chose Ms. Werner as one of only 10 FASA sponsored trainers statewide. Through our district, Ms. Werner is introducing the Olweus program to two schools.  

Ms. Werner also presents seminars not only to the students and their parents at our school, but to students and parents district wide. Most recently she facilitated the  “Success Academy” at one of our district’s elementary schools.  She has also presented to parents of many local high schools.  In addition to the “Success Academy”, Ms. Werner’s former school led the district in numbers of participants in the Alternative to Suspension Program.  Ms. Werner was recently asked to train all district facilitators of the program.  

Ms. Werner’s vision is for all of our district’s children to be not only physically safe, but emotionally safe as well.  This is Ms. Werner’s true strength. She is genuine and courageous in being with the children and staff at my school.  People know and respect her.  She is present and available to parents, students and fellow teachers.  I know I can take to her any task and she will go beyond my expectation.  Yet I do not need to direct her.  She is a self motivated employee--motivated by what she knows to be right.

 In addition to her excellent work ethic, I must write that Ms. Werner’s family was recently voted “Family of the Year” by her children’s school.  She is as involved here at our school as she is the lives of her own two children. I am proud of her. 

It has been my pleasure to have Ms. Werner be a part of my staff.  She will be an asset to any school.  Please call me with any questions.

 Oh yes.  It feels good. 

Until next week. 

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