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Friday, November 4, 2011

Clear Skies

I want you to know something.  I am reluctant to go on with postings of my workplace bullying experience.  I am done with it.  I've been done with it professionally for awhile now. After I reported my bully's abuse, I was placed at a different school. 

I am apparently done with it emotionally as well. This morning, just this very morning I awoke.....and spontaneously smiled.  I am of late feeling the lightness, the wholeness of me again, so I must be well.  Maybe I am "cured" of the Post Traumatic Stress with which I was diagnosed. 

 Still, I believe my story might help.  If it is helping you--then great.  That's a good and solid reason to continue this.

I now feel forgiving. Yes, many at my former school lied.  Many participated in the ugliness surrounding me there.  Most continue to deny the bullying happened. They state it was my fault. I have read their reports. I know they are not true. According to the reports, I am “confrontational and uncooperative.”
Standing up and telling the truth is tough. It took every single ounce of energy and courage I could muster to say, “No.  I will not do it,” and so perhaps I was uncooperative.  Perhaps I was confrontational. Perhaps I was so frustratingly honest and enthusiastic about my work that my bully simply could not abide me.

 And still, I understand.   Much like children in this and other schools whose cultures are ones of suspicion and insecurity, adults know there is no good thing for them in telling the truth.  In fact, had they supported me, their lives under that leader would have been unbearable.

As I wrote earlier: almost done, almost there.  Next week details and then we'll move on. 

I recently went to a conference about the importance of fatherhood.  Soon--and this now is my writing passion!--I will introduce you to Eugene Lorence Werner--an honorable man,. He was called "Wheezer" by those who loved him. He was dad--simply dad--to me and my brother.

Hey-- Let's lighten up!  Let's live ourselves glorious pieces- juicy chunks!--of our "piecefull world." Laughing

Kym (now you know that's "Kim with attitude!") 
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