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 "Inner hurricanes become the foreboding odd silence of the hurricane's center.  Cowards become heroes." K.W. 


 "There is no perspective when it comes to abuse. 

There is only abuse."-K.W.



"Public education is being mobbed and bullied."
--Kim Werner

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Earth Spinning
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A Piece Full World's goal is to end bullying in our schools.  When employees are safe from workplace bullying and children are safe from school bullying, we transform our schools into places of honor, courage and character. Ultimately, we transform our world. One school at a time, we put together the pieces of....

                        A Piece Full World.

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School Board Rule: Code of Ethics states: All members of the School Board of (School District's name), regardless of their position, collective bargaining status or role, because of their dual roles as public servants and educators are to be bound by the Code of Ethics..to create an environment of honesty and integrity...the freedom to learn and to teach and the guarantee of equal opportunity for all..strive for professional growth and seek to exercise the best professional judgment and integrity...to achieve and sustain the highest degree of ethical conduct.

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"Real progress requires pushing and shoving and urging and cajoling and coaxing – and then pushing some more (courteously when you can, not so mannerly if the former doesn’t work)."  
--David Lawrence Jr., The Children's Movement of Florida

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 School Board Rule:Responsibilities and Duties states: All persons employed by the School Board of (School District's name) are representatives of the (School District's name). As such they are expected to conduct themselves, both in their employment and in the community, in a manner that will reflect credit upon themselves and the school system. Unseemly conduct in the workplace is expressly prohibited.

"Many people, especially ignorant people, want to punish you for speaking the truth, for being correct, for being you. Never apologize for being correct or for being years ahead of your time. If you're right and you know it, speak your mind. Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth."


Testing: An "unstandardized" perspective:

WIDA--my state's new evaluation test for our English Language Learners.  Poor ESOL parents and children!  Some of those children were born in the US. Their parents, at registration,  indicated that they speak another language at home.  That "yes" throws children into the mucky oozing "ESOL program."  There are five levels and children may languish there for years.

Level five indicates "escaping-er-I mean-exiting" the program.  I've been WIDA testing children I know.  I know they speak English.  Children whose speaking skills, if it were allowed, I could evaluate "lickety-split!" Instead, I punch buttons and we-one child at a time--spend 40 minutes together.  Yes!  ONE CHILD AT A TIME!  Must be like the elementary school FAIR.

"Now it's your turn..."  This is some boring BS!  

So, what are we measuring?  Have all the variables been controlled, in this God awful experiment at the expense of children's hopes, dreams, aspirations?

"Now it's your turn..."  To do what?  To have what? To languish in "Developmental" classes that are mistaken for Spanish classes because so much Spanish is spoken there?

"There has been a mistake", said the Polish speaking Maurice's translator.  "You've put Maurice in a Spanish class, not English."

And so, a return to the question; "What are we really testing with the WIDA test?

Perhaps we're testing concentration.  The prompts are so boring that kids don't focus. They then can't answer.  But not because they don't speak English, but because the prompts and the deliverers (Ms. Chang and Nelly)-blah, blah blah in perfect English about blah, blah, blah.

And for me, the test administrator, one on one, over and over, it's crazy making.  "WHERE ARE YOU FROM, MS. CHANG?! ARE YOU FROM THE "W"OF WIDA, WISCONSIN?! Tell us about your personal life...

I and my students might listen to prompts about Ms. Chang's personal life.  How, for instance did a Hispanic woman--for Ms. Chang's picture is surely a woman of hispanic heritage--end up with the "apellido" Chang? How did she end up in Wisconsin of all places?  How did she find employment with the Florida Department of Education?  Now THAT would be a prompt I might listen to!

"Hello, my name is Ms. Chang.  I divorced my philandering philanthropist of a husband and had to go to work.  I'm really an oceanic photographer and upcoming, you will have a chance to talk about past (that's the key word, children: past) uses of oceanic photography equipment. Might I suggest you write of past surreptitious spying on CHEATING SNORKELING MEN?!

Although you can only see here my smiling face, I am obese; larger that the main barn of my childhood farmhouse in Guatemala.  I blame my poor nutrition on my ex."

"Now it's your turn. Explain what "bigger than a barn" means.

More coming up!


Click "No Place for Hate!" The Anti-Defamation League has terrific resources for creating a school wide bullying prevention program!




"Be ashamed to die before you have won some battle for humanity."

Horace Mann


Teacher w/pre-school students
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