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 "There is no perspective when it comes to abuse. 

There is only abuse."-K.W.



"Public education is being mobbed and bullied."
--Kim Werner

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Earth Spinning
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A Piece Full World's goal is to end bullying in our schools.  When employees are safe from workplace bullying and children are safe from school bullying, we transform our schools into places of honor, courage and character. Ultimately, we transform our world. One school at a time, we put together the pieces of....

                        A Piece Full World.

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School Board Rule: Code of Ethics states: All members of the School Board of (School District's name), regardless of their position, collective bargaining status or role, because of their dual roles as public servants and educators are to be bound by the Code of Ethics..to create an environment of honesty and integrity...the freedom to learn and to teach and the guarantee of equal opportunity for all..strive for professional growth and seek to exercise the best professional judgment and integrity...to achieve and sustain the highest degree of ethical conduct.

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"Real progress requires pushing and shoving and urging and cajoling and coaxing – and then pushing some more (courteously when you can, not so mannerly if the former doesn’t work)."  
--David Lawrence Jr., The Children's Movement of Florida

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"Many people, especially ignorant people, want to punish you for speaking the truth, for being correct, for being you. Never apologize for being correct or for being years ahead of your time. If you're right and you know it, speak your mind. Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth."

Teacher w/pre-school students
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Public School Children are mobbed and bullied.

Processed children...
"Food processing techniques include freezing, canning, baking, drying and pasteurizing."

"Child processing techniques (in Florida) include freezing, canning, baking, drying and pasteurizing."  

Processed children.  Processed public school children.  They're frozen to seats in front of computers.  Their creativity is dried--parched, withered, shriveled, wilted, and (love this one!) wizened--as they tap the buttons of  keyboards yet again for another FSA practice drill. Year after year. By God, another big day (well big two months) of testing is a-comin'! Dried children lack learning "adornment" (see Webster's definition of "dry") as mostly they've done nothing more in their classes but practice to take the FSA.

The state "freeze dries" our children.  That's more efficient.

We bake ("harden by heat") them too. And it doesn't get any hotter for our public school children and our public school teachers, administrators and counselors than the state's punitive consequences of inadequate FSA scores.  

Children are held back in third grade no matter what.  They are forced into intensive reading and math classes, thereby having no electives. Recess is considered too much time to lose to test prep, so there's not even a respite for our seven, eight...nine year old children.

Our high school children don't receive diplomas--after thirteen years of learning--even if they've met all graduation requirements but the test.

Teachers and counselors may lose their jobs.  Teachers because their children's scores don't demonstrate "adequate gains" and counselors...well, because they're paid and judged on their schools' reading scores.  Yepper.  That's right.  Counselors are NOT evaluated on their contribution to a positive school culture, nor on their counseling skills. Their salaries (oh dare I be sarcastic and write "big" salaries?!) are tied to school wide reading scores.  'Nough said.

Administrators won't lose their jobs no matter what because they're friends with district big whigs and mucky-mucks. That's a story for another day.  It's a big story.

All public school children in Florida are pasteurized--exposed to extreme heat (THE TESTING DAY!). Creativity must be destroyed...without appearing to be destroyed.  Children--freeze dried, baked children-- must still look like people.  Test "administrators" must still look like people too.  Neither, however, is allowed to DO ANYTHING but sit, stare and stand (in the case of the test administrator).

Once our pasteurized and processed children are baked, dried and frozen, we can them.  There's the "Going No Where" shelf where we put the "Certificate of Completion" canned children. There's the "Diploma" canned children shelf. Those canned kids passed the tests.

 There's no "Occupations" shelf because those canned children are sitting on the "Certificate of Completion" shelf and didn't get a diploma. 


From Webster's Dictionary:

  1. 1
    (of a liquid) be turned into ice or another solid as a result of extreme cold.

  2. 2
    store (something) at a very low temperature in order to preserve it.

    1. 1
      free from moisture or liquid; not wet or moist.
      synonyms:parcheddried, withered, shriveled, wilted, wizenedMore
    2. 2. bare or lacking adornment.
      "the dry facts"


      to harden by heat:

        lacking originality or individuality as if mass-produced

      to expose (a food, as milk, cheese, yogurt, beer, or wine) to an elevated temperature for a period of time sufficient to destroy certain microorganisms, as those that can produce disease or cause spoilage or undesirable fermentation of food, without radically altering taste or quality.



"Be ashamed to die before you have won some battle for humanity."

Horace Mann




 School Board Rule:Responsibilities and Duties states: All persons employed by the School Board of (School District's name) are representatives of the (School District's name). As such they are expected to conduct themselves, both in their employment and in the community, in a manner that will reflect credit upon themselves and the school system. Unseemly conduct in the workplace is expressly prohibited.

Click "No Place for Hate!" The Anti-Defamation League has terrific resources for creating a school wide bullying prevention program!